6 Reasons Why You Aren’t Attracting the Right Social Media Followers

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Learn why you are not gaining any followers and how to start attracting the right audience on social media.
why you aren't gaining the right social media followers and how to attract the right audience

Learn why you are not gaining any followers and how to start attracting the right audience on social media.

You’ve been struggling to gain followers on social media. The likes are trickling in, but the people you’re attracting don’t fit your target audience or vibe. So, what’s wrong?

Well, there is always a reason why you aren’t gaining followers- sometimes many. But regardless of the issue, there’s always a solution.

Each heading below represents the potential problem. Read between the lines to learn how to fix it and start attracting the right audience on social media today.

Not Being True To Yourself

One of the likely reasons you aren’t gaining any followers is that you are not being true to yourself. There’s a lot of pressure to present yourself in certain ways on social media, and sometimes that equals presenting yourself in a way that isn’t genuine.

But to actually attract the right social media followers and grow your audience, authenticity is a MUST. People can feel disingenuity in your captions, posts, and how you act.

Being true to yourself = attracting your vibe tribe who will stick with you.

Let’s be real. Authenticity on social media can be a rare bird to find. This is especially true on beloved visual platforms like Instagram.

(I still love Instagram. Shameless plug- go follow me on IG.)

Keep that fact in mind the next time you’re on TikTok, Twitter, or even YouTube. Don’t let the smoke & mirrors prevent you from using your real voice.

No Passion in Your Posts

Another reason why you aren’t gaining followers could be a lack of passion. Perhaps viewers can tell you aren’t passionate about what you’re posting. If you want to attract the right followers and build an engaged audience, passion must be present.

Think about this the next time you upload a video, blog post, picture, or caption.

  • How does creating [x] make me feel?
  • Does posting [x] feel right in my gut?
  • Am I aligned with what I truly want to be sharing?

If you answered negatively to any of those questions, you might need to reevaluate how you show up on social media. Make a list of what makes you feel passionate and energized.

Using the Wrong Social Media Platform

An honest mistake that many new entrepreneurs, brands, and aspiring influencers make is focusing on the wrong social media platform.

For example, you might be a graphic designer who relies on visuals for self-promotion. Using Twitter might be helpful to an extent, but you will have more luck on a visual platform like Instagram or Pinterest.

See what I’m saying?

Another social media error I see a lot of people make is using too many platforms! You definitely want to snag your handle (@) on all the leading social networks if you are just starting out. However, don’t try to stay active on all six of them.

Choose 1-2 social media networks and build from there. You want to narrow your focus to achieve quick growth rather than spreading yourself too thin and not growing at all.

(BTW, social media is one of my 10 ways to make money online.)

Not Posting With Your Followers In Mind

Are you posting with your followers in mind? But before you answer that question, do you know WHO your followers are?

Take the time to write down who your ideal audience is and what type of media they enjoy consuming.

A fantastic, strategic way to gain more followers is to post what your existing followers react well to. For example, if you post a reel on IG and the stats blast off, then make more reels!

I also look at accounts similar to mine and see who is interacting with their content. Then, I’ll read their bios and study what they enjoy, talk about, interact with, etc. This also gives me ideas about what to post!

Hopefully, the graphic below will help give you a visual of my strategy.

social media strategy

Lack of Direction

Does your social media have a clear direction? Are you posting strategically with a goal in mind? This is one thing I personally struggle with. My brain wants to go in 15 different directions, and it feels difficult sometimes to carve a clear path.

Try sitting down at a set time each month and plan (1) strategy, (2) direction, and (3) end goals for your social media. Knowing what you are working towards will help keep you moving forward and build your following.

Lack of direction and consistency go hand-in-hand to grow your social media following, which is why these two points came last.

No Consistent Theme or Topic

Again, this is another area where I personally struggle a bit.

Most people who teach social media strategy always hone in on posting consistently. And it’s definitely essential to follower growth! However, consistently following a theme or set of topics is just as important.

When people visit your Twitter, Instagram, or whatever platform you’re on, they should be able to pinpoint the primary type of content you post.

For example, I primarily post business, writing, and mindset posts to my permanent IG feed. And I reserve random topics or less formal content for stories.

Ultimately, I’m a firm believer in experimenting! Try new things to see what works the best, what you enjoy the most, and what feels right.

Don’t feel like you have to stuff yourself into a box.

So, what did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to connect with me on social media too!

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Until next time,

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