Hello, I’m Sarah

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Elevate. Inspire. Create.

That’s my motto.

I’m Sarah, a professional writer with a flair for the spiritual and ethereal. 

Enjoy a few adjectives that describe me: copywriter, creative, conceptual visionary. 

I use *magic* to transmute your ideas into elevated creative writing and stellar copy that tells a seamless story for your audience.

(P.S. Poetry is kinda my thing too.)


Blogs & Articles

Transforming big ideas into bite-sized or long-form blogs and articles is one of my special talents. I dig deep into the research to create original, SEO-friendly content that converts readers.



Some people put their beliefs in a person. A deity. A cause. I believe in the power of words. So, I spend my days brewing up one-of-a-kind copy, carefully curated to make a delightful digital impression.

Creative Writing

Step through the portal of possibilities and catch a glimpse of what could be. Tell me your dreams, and I’ll turn them into a written reality spun from the rich imagination of a lifelong dreamer. Creativity at its finest.


The spirit of the poet lives in us all, but sometimes it likes to hide. As a published poet, I’ll spin vowels and consonants into intricate phrases using alliteration, onomatopoeia, traditional rhyming, and all the etc’s.

Social Media Posts

Looking for the magical ingredient to turn your social media from “like” to “love”? I’ve got the personality you’ve been looking for. Let me work my magic and watch your numbers soar! 


Make a stellar impression on potential clients and your existing fan base with email correspondence designed to educate, sell, or entertain- with a handful of magic strategically scattered throughout.

Over-the-Moon Clients

Articles & Blogs

Copywriting Projects

Cups of Coffee

The right words can cross dimensions.

Are you ready to enter a new world?

(Vortex through intergalactic plains…)

Craft a story that hooks your reader.

There’s a difference between a story you read and one you can’t put down. With over six years of professional writing experience, I’ve honed a knack for creating unputdownable content.

(…above the noise of the mundane…)

KO your competitors through personality alone.

Buttoned-up and boring? That’s not your story! Say goodbye to the days of vanilla-flavored corporate jargon and embrace a brand personality that leaves your competitors treading water in a sea of so-so content.

(…until space + time merge into a new Earth.)

Turn your content daydreams into reality.

We may not conjure up any new planets, but together, we’ll create a world of opportunity with content that educates, elevates, inspired, and (most importantly) drives action.

Create loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out on the magic.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I am absolutely satisfied with my order and Sarah's SEO Copy is already helping my website get better views and even conversions on the first day of updating. Her knowledge and professionalism is outstanding and I absolutely recommend her if you want better results for your website. Copy is so important and Sarah is the perfect choice for those needs. Thank you again, Sarah for your help! I will definitely be ordering again for more pages on the site.

Dylan Hamilton, CEO @ Website Design Solutions Pro

Another stellar job by Sarah! She perfectly captures the voice and tone of our brand, and provides beautifully written copy. Setting up a custom order with her was a breeze, and she was easy to communicate with throughout the order process. Thanks Sarah, we truly appreciate you and your work!

Corrie Angell, Marketing Lead @ Digibuddha Design

We constantly work with Sarah because she provides quality, engaging articles that we feel are polished and professional enough to put on newsletter, on our website, and more.

Equinox IT

Check Out My Personal Blog

When I’m not crossing dimensions, I’m writing for pleasure. Check out my blog for personal development content, writing advice, philosophical musings, and raw business insight.