You need strategic copy or creative writing that sends your readers on a journey, and I’m the visionary that can breathe life into your story.

What I Write


Blogs & Articles

Transforming big ideas into bite-sized or long-form blogs and articles is one of my special talents. I dig deep into the research to create original, SEO-friendly content that converts readers.



Some people put their beliefs in a person. A deity. A cause. I believe in the power of words. So, I spend my days brewing up one-of-a-kind copy, carefully curated to make a delightful digital impression.

Creative Writing

Step through the portal of possibilities and catch a glimpse of what could be. Tell me your dreams, and I’ll turn them into a written reality spun from the rich imagination of a lifelong dreamer. Creativity at its finest.


The spirit of the poet lives in us all, but sometimes it likes to hide. As a published poet, I’ll spin vowels and consonants into intricate phrases using alliteration, onomatopoeia, traditional rhyming, and all the etc’s.

Social Media Posts

Looking for the magical ingredient to turn your social media from “like” to “love”? I’ve got the personality you’ve been looking for. Let me work my magic and watch your numbers soar!


Make a stellar impression on potential clients and your existing fan base with email correspondence designed to educate, sell, or entertain- with a handful of magic strategically scattered throughout. 

Blogs & Articles

blogs and articles

Give your customers a reason to visit your website regularly with blogs and articles designed to educate your customers, sell your product, and keep your brand in their orbit. You can expect well-researched, expertly-composed, shareable content that breathes life into a static website. 



Within seconds of visiting a website, you’ve made up your mind whether the brand is trustworthy. That’s not an accident, and it’s not magic. It’s content strategy. I’ll delve deep into your brand identity to craft content that wows as soon as the homepage loads. With less than eight seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, this may be the most vital investment you ever make for your business.

Creative writing

creative writing

I spent my childhood conjuring up a rich fantasy life featuring casts of characters molded by my imagination. That skill, honed by years of creative writing and make-believe, translates to storytelling that comes alive on the page. If you have an idea rattling around in your head, let’s dream together and I’ll bring your eBook, brand mascot, script, or speech to life.



Taking abstract ideas and making them flow together into a word-fueled waterfall is an artform. Tell me your memories, your dreams, your desires, and prepare for a transmutation from bullet points to poetry that can be used to celebrate anniversaries, engagements, friendship, or perhaps something a bit more exotic.



Some correspondence is too important to just “wing it.” Elevate your everyday chatter to powerful language that garners respect and gets the job done. I’ll work with you to design promotional content that converts, craft extraordinary newsletters, and pen potential pitches for your most important clients.

social media posts

social media posts

In a world punctuated by a black hole of endless scrolling, you’ve got to pack a potent punch in every social media post. The perfect potion for this is a witty, informative caption with a killer call-to-action. If your social strategy is a study in guesswork, I’ll remove those question marks to create a campaign you’ll love.

Sarah by far has to be be one of the most receptive, creative, intuitive, and superb writers I've ever worked with. With the little that she knew about our brand and our style, she managed to pump out some of the most amazing copy I've ever seen. Not only would I recommend Sarah, but I will be working with her again on more projects.

Samuel David, CEO @ AQUAVITA Swim

Totally brilliant.

Thorin, Poem

Sarah followed my instruction perfectly. I am super impressed and don't know if anyone could've done a better job than what I received. I can't wait to publish my website with my new copy. THANK YOU!!

Trevonna Hayle, CEO @ Her Sacred Space

Ready to propose your next project? I can’t wait to hear about it.