About Me

Hello! My name is Sarah E Ashley.

I’m a creative writer, copywriter, and brand storyteller with six years of professional writing experience plus two years of marketing experience.

Ultimately, my passion lies in creative expression through writing and leading by example to help others along their path of self-discovery.

My mission is to be in the practice of helping people help themselves through thought transformation- aided by written word that both elevates and inspires. 


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“Simply speaking, I am a storyteller- an artist who paints images with words, swept into creation by the power of a pen.”

My Skills

I write for individuals, medium & small companies, and even startups that don’t have a website yet. You can find me helping companies to build their web copy, drive SEO, and create their entire brand story. I’m essentially a dream-weaver (but with words).

We make the perfect team if you…

√  Value creativity + out-of-the-box thinking

√  Enjoy communication that feels real

√  Need someone who understands your goals

√  Crave impeccable grammar + vocab skills


  • Digital Marketing
  • Health & Wellness
  • Feel-Good Lifestyle
  • E-commerce

Yes, I’m a real person just like you!

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I believe in the power of words. Let’s talk if you do too.